Tory Leader Bruce Fitch wants to see text of new abortion regulation

Bruce Fitch again called for the Liberal Government to come clean on the exact text of the changes to Regulation 84-20 that previously regulated abortions in the province.  84-20 restricted them to hospitals. Abortions before must be reviewed and approved by two Medical Doctors as medically necessary.  Repeal of this restriction allows for women to ask for an abortion on demand.

There have been concerns over the removal of this restriction that it would open the door to private clinics providing the procedure.  The Minister of Health, Victor Boudreau said to the Telegraph-Journal last week that they will remain restricted to Hospitals.

Without detailed text of the new regulation it is difficult to understand how the repeal will be implimented.

NB Right to Life Executive Director, Peter Ryan, stated that this repeal to allow abortion on demand will kill 2000 more children in the province.

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