Former Morgentaler abortion clinic will re-open under new ownership


The former abortion clinic run by Dr. Morgentaler has new operators or owners.  Their press release states they purchased the clinic.  Funds from a croud sourcing effort were used to re-establish the clnic.  Abortions will be provided as fee service, however, they will not be paid for by tax payers.  Minister of Health Boudreau reiterated today that only hospital abortions will be funded.  Its unclear how long the province will not pay for clinic abortion. The status at the moment, abortions at the women's demand are paid for by tax payers since January 1.

NB Right to Life Executive director, Peter Ryan released the following statement in response to news that “Clinic 554” will open and perform abortions at the former Morgentaler Clinic, located next to New Brunswick Right to Life’s offices.

“We are not exactly celebrating the news. It’s nothing short of a disaster for women’s health, and worse for the babies of our province.

“It seems they bill themselves as providing ‘reproductive services’. That’s a misnomer, when most of the so-called services are about preventing – or putting an end to – reproduction. Certainly when dead babies up to 16 weeks gestation are part of your menu of services, that’s as anti-reproductive as you can get.

“Whatever else they offer, an abortion clinic is still an abortion clinic. Thousands of lives have been prematurely ended at this site, thousands of women have had to deal with emotional and physical injury from abortion. I wonder why any sane person would want to be become a patient at such a place. I suppose desperate people will be tempted, which will be so sad.

“There is such a thing as informed choice in facing unexpected pregnancy, support in facing pregnancy, and help in dealing with abortion aftermath. Where woman can get it is our Women’s Care Center. They’ve never been able to find it next door. This news changes nothing. I hope vulnerable women are not misled.”


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