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December 14, 2019

By Pierre Little


Premier Higgs and the Tories table their 2019-20 Capital Budget

Photo: Premier Blaine Higgs at the Economic Forum of the Americas. "Frank provided me with good advice and is certainly as passionate about the finances of NB as he was when premier. We certainly see eye to eye on many challenges facing our provinces.", Premier Higgs says.

Adapted from Press Release - The provincial government has tabled a $600.6-million capital budget for 2019-20 that aims to maintain infrastructure, restore balance to government finances and manage the province's debt.

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Brian Gallant Liberals and the Reign of T (error)

By Doug Harrison @DonkeyPurple

New Brunswick’s former Premier, Liberal leader Brian Gallant has informed his caucus of his intention to step down from the Party’s top job.

He will make the formal announcement later this morning but will remain at the helm until the Party selects a new leader.

Therein lies the fly in the ointment.

Should the precarious PC minority cobbled together by Blaine Higgs fall, the Liberals could find themselves going into another Election campaign with Gallant as the face of the Party.

That would be a huge mistake

The recent election saw the Liberal Party almost wiped off the map in southern ridings and Gallant’s leadership style was largely the reason.

It would be foolhardy for them to assume all is forgiven and follow their severely damaged Leader to the polls when the wounds from his reign of (t)error are still open and not likely to heal soon.


Property Tax Scandal - Higgs says Gallant directly lied to public to conceal his role

Since early March, Premier Brian Gallant has been trying to explain why Service New Brunswick Property Tax bills had frabricated renovation amounts on 2400 home owner bills.  This action created an artifice for the government to bypase the Property Spike protection law.  This spike protection was implemented by the previous PC government to cap any spikes in assessments by 10% in any given year.


Government hopes to encourage more immigration from China







Book of Condolence to people of France at NB Legislature

Opposition Leader Bruce Fitch signs the book of condolence to the people of France. The book is located in the lobby of the legislature building and the public are welcome to visit and add their messages of sympathy and support.


COMMENT: Brian Gallant's First Budget: The Wrong Direction for New Brunswick



Brian Gallant has failed to live up to the Liberal commitment to move New Brunswick forward, yet again saying one thing but doing another.  This budget moves New Brunswick in the wrong direction - backward.



March 4 – Saint John, NB Dragon's Den Auditions Announced

Cross-country auditions begin February 7, 2015 in Toronto



BDC Young Entrepreneur Award Contest -$100,000 Opportunity to Advance Your Business

Small business owners from Atlantic Canada, aged 18-35, are encouraged to apply to the cross Canada Young Entrepreneur Award contest, a once in a lifetime opportunity to set their company on a new course to growth and a brighter business future.  Since taking part in last year’s Business Development Bank of Canada Young Entrepreneur contest, Atlantic finalist Paula Macpherson, of Southgate Dentistry, has seen her start-up business boom and wants to encourage other young entrepreneurs to enter the 2015 race for $100,000.
“Entering the BDC YEA contest was one of the most exciting things I've done in my career. Being a finalist was a unique and amazing platform for reaching out to the community and showcasing what Southgate Dentistry is all about. The support we received from the people of Nova Scotia was outstanding. If you're considering applying, do it!”  Paula MacPherson – Southgate Dentistry