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New Brunswick Anti-Shale Gas Alliance Looks between the Lines of the Electoral Debate


Moncton, NB (17 Sept 2014) : New Brunswickers who are looking for the facts about shale gas are not getting them from the current political debate. They are often being deliberately misled or else are confused by politicians who don’t understand the issues, themselves. And they are definitely missing out on critical information.


First, the economics.

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Education vital to a strong middle class


Dear Editor,


The very idea of progress is under real threat in Canada for the first time in generations. The Canadian promise, that if you get educated and work hard, you can guarantee a better life for yourself and for your kids, is being seriously questioned.

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Rogersville's new Municipal Buildings targeted by arsonist

By Pierre Little

Fire reportedly set Saturday morning around 11 a.m.  The newly constructed municipal offices was the target of an arsonist.  RCMP are saying someone intentionally threw an incendiary device on the roof in the early morning hours on Saturday May 4 and are seeking the publics help.  The new facility was being built because fire completely destroyed the municipal offices in January of last year.  The Mayors offices, RCMP and Fire Department were in the same building last year and all offices and equipement were lost [see photos and video below].  The new facility also has all three community offices, mayor, police and fire, together once again.